What our clients are saying...

"Delivered soundly, beautiful black walnut pieces very finely made by true professional craftsmen, definitely recommend Beaver Hardwood, we're so happy with the results!!"

​​- Blake DeFluri, Long Beach, California

Why Beaver Hardwood...

Once you see the dedication and skill that goes into building your furniture you'll know why we can make a personal promise to back your investment and exceed your expectations.

There is unmistakable pride that comes with owning quality hand made furniture. Be inspired with virtually limitless options and create a piece that's exclusively yours.

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Unique Live Edge Black Walnut Coffee Table (click photo to zoom)
Unique Live Edge Black Walnut Coffee Table (click photo to zoom)

Design & Consultation Service

Finding the perfect blend of functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture that enhances your home can be a challenge. We offer expertise to achieve your ideal custom furniture design through collaboration, confidence and ease.


Design consultations are the perfect opportunity to review your specific requirements when it comes to style, colour, size and characteristics. We offer a complimentary design & consultation service online, in-person and by phone which provides you with a simple design concept 3D drawing and answers to any questions to get you moving in the right direction for your project.


√  Conceptual design inc. table, legs and chair placements
√  Slab characteristics, subtle/funky both live/straight edges
√  Leg style, colour incl. limitless metal or hardwood options
√  Typical and maximum seating accommodations
√ ​ ​Comprehensive maintenance and care overview


Why Organic Furniture?

Live Edge and organic furniture embodies the preservation of solid wood in its natural form. It showcases both imperfections and unique characteristics as living works of art. You will be inspired by intriguing natural deviations offering individuality to suit your unique style.

​The global demand on these limited natural resources is increasing. Invest in the exclusivity of your own organic piece of history and treasure it for a lifetime.

What you'll get...

​ √  Gathering place to create memories and enjoy quality time with family & friends

​ √  Organic beauty suitable for any décor and guaranteed for a lifetime

​ √  Custom, one of a kind artistry, the focal point in your home

​ √  Pride in environmentally responsible, hand-made furniture

​ √  Durable, easy to maintain, worry free

​ √  Generational heirloom quality furniture that is made to last

 √  Wow factor!

Free/Complementary - Design & Consultation Service
Ask us about our Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty!